Proud Galleries in London is hosting an exhibit of Colm Henry’s U2 photos, U2: The Early Years, from April 14-May 2, 2010.

Proud Camden presents U2: The Early Years by Colm Henry – an exclusive, never -before -seen photographic exploration of popular music’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed group.

The exhibition charts the group’s beginning: from their first gigs and photo-shoots, up until the filming of Rattle & Hum. A freelance photographer working on emerging Irish music magazine Hot Press, Colm Henry came across a young and unsigned U2 when they were featured in the publication. Gaining the band’s trust Henry was asked to photograph them on a regular basis, and was afforded a unique insight as they grew from an enthusiastic local band into one of the world’s most recognised names in music.

Henry says: “We were both learning together really, honing our trades. I was just starting out and so were they. I wasn’t a pushy kind of person, I think they appreciated that. They trusted me to get a good shot.”

Presenting a cross section of unseen work including early images of the band on stage, candid backstage shots, studio based photo shoots and much more, this specially selected exhibition shines new light on a band that continues to take the world by storm…


Colm Henry photos via

The bottom two are from Point Depot/Rattle and Hum period. The top shot is captioned “Bono & Larry of U2 in Italy.”

ALSO: If you click on the “U2 Edition” thumbnail in the gallery portion of Colm Henry’s website, you’ll see some more U2 images from the above era, including a few I’d never seen before. (Hint: It’s the thumbnail directly to the right of Tom Waits’ head.)

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