4 Guys On A Bridge

This bridge connects Europe and Asia. Someone should write a song about it! Adam’s like, What? Bono’s like, Yeah! Edge is like, Hmmm… maybe. Larry’s just like, Damn I’m good looking.

U2 Boğaz Köprüsü’nü yaya geçti İstanbul Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı’nda konser verecek ünlü İrlandalı Rock grubu U2 üyeleri en büyük dileğini gerçekleştirdi ve Boğaz Köprüsü’nden yürüyerek geçti. Habere Gi [+click here for more photos]

Video below is of U2 arriving at the airport in Istanbul. Bono and The Edge played an acoustic version of Desire to some fans at the airport. I wonder how long the dynamic duo spent coming up with the nifty new lyrics.

Video of the band meeting the prime minister.
Many more photos over here.

U2 plays a concert in Istanbul on September 6.


4 thoughts on “4 Guys On A Bridge

  1. You know, with these “first (or second – Greece) concerts ever in this country” kind of concerts, I can’t even bother to care about the setlists. It’s just so cool that they’re going to places they’ve never played before! How awesome for those fans.

  2. It looks like the guys are having fun visiting new places. U2 vacation!

    And I just heard that “Mercy” was rehearsed today. Let the madness begin. And may I add: Squeeeeeeee!!! :D

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