Bono: “We’re going to move into a basement apartment in Brooklyn and start a chillwave band.”

Bono told me this: “After we release our Danger Mouse album, our club album and our Spider-Man album, we’re going to move into a basement apartment in Brooklyn and start a chillwave band.” Bono told me this in a dream. He was very tall in this dream.

Okay, maybe that quote is entirely made up by me.

But these quotes are THE real:

U2 have spent much of this year working on an album produced by Danger Mouse, the alias for American production ace Brian Burton (Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz). Due early next year, it will be preceded by a single in December.

“We have about 12 songs with Danger Mouse,” Bono says. “It’s the album we’ll likely put out next because it’s just happening so easily.”

The singer adds that, in a stream of creativity, U2 are working on two other projects.

The first is a club-inspired album with Black Eyed Peas rapper, French DJ superstar David Guetta and Lady Gaga collaborator RedOne. Also,

Bono and guitarist The Edge are attempting to sell their bandmates, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen jnr, the concept of a U2 album based on the 20 songs the two have written for a Spider-man musical that opens on Broadway next month.

“We’re experimenting to discover different sides to us,” Bono says. “And I think we’re at one of those moments. We’re fighting for relevance. Being successful is a lot easier than being relevant.

“We may be about to do our best-ever album or we may be about to be irrelevant.”

He pauses to consider that rather weighty statement.

“That’s how I woke up feeling this morning,” he says.

“What worries me about U2 now is that because the band are playing so well, we can make an average song sound great,” Bono says.

Which is part of the reason they have stepped away from their so-called “dysfunctional family” of producers: Brian Eno, Steve Lillywhite and Daniel Lanois.

“Each night on this tour, we’d fly out of a show and go straight into the studio,” Bono says of the Danger Mouse sessions. “Because you enter the studio with the roar of the crowd in your ears, you know what works. If you take musicians away from the stage too much, they become quite abstract in their heads. They start to use words like ‘interesting’. But people don’t want to see you do something interesting. They want something passionate or wild.

” ‘Interesting’ is the moment musicians scratch their chin. It ruins great and dramatic music. You listen to the Sex Pistols or Nirvana or the first MGMT album and you don’t scratch your chin. You say, ‘Wow, that’s extraordinary’.

“The biggest challenge now will be getting a song on the radio. That’s our drug of choice now. I don’t know if we will achieve it. It takes a radio programmer saying, ‘I want that feeling on my station’. And they may not. It will be very hard for U2 to dominate the radio now after No Line on the Horizon. But we’re going to try.”

Via – The Age Interviews Bono: Progress Killed The Radio Stars

19 thoughts on “Bono: “We’re going to move into a basement apartment in Brooklyn and start a chillwave band.”

  1. Ha, I know! The whole article comes off as ridiculous to me. Bono just blabbing away and his words not being questioned, just being written down like it’s gospel.

  2. I’d wait for the interview with The Drummer and/or Lord Adam Clayton to confirm or deny this.

    I am optimistic about the Danger Mouse collaboration … but U2 has a long history of burning through producers.

  3. Well, to throw in a negative voice here: I’m telling you, if I go to the shows next year and have to tolerate songs that sound like Gorillaz or freakin Lady Gaga or songs about SPIDERMAN I’ll be so pissed off.

    They better not bring this crap to a show I paid for.

    I’m sorry, but where did the band whose music I actually like go? Where is U2?

    Lately I feel like I’ve been dumped by a boyfriend and he’s not told me why. And then I find him doing perverted stuff with someone new!

  4. Didn’t they also toss around frightening words about dance or techno or whatever when they were talking about Pop? And it didn’t turn out sounding like top 40 crap.

    I don’t understand why people freak out and assume they’re going to make instant club hits and top 40 toppers because they’re working with a certain producer.

    I mean, they’re still U2. Regardless of how you feel about their recent output, or about if they’ve peaked ages ago, why do people think they’re going to completely pull a 180 and start putting out mindless crap?

    • All I’m saying is “club inspired” music is not what I signed up for. It has its place in the world, but in my opinion, not at a U2 concert. They can put out what they like because I can choose to buy it or not. But I’ve already bought tickets to 4 shows next year and I’m just worried.

      Sayin ‘s’all :)

      • Well, sure! But I think it’s a little early to be worried – after all, didn’t they say Pop was supposed to be kind of “club inspired,” too? And that turned out to be pretty damned awesome and beloved.

        Except by the band, apparently, but I suppose that’s another rant for another time. ;)

  5. I definitely have some reservations about that club album. And Bono’s comments do imply that they desperately crave being on the radio – which makes one think that their motivation behind working with the producers he named on that album is to create hits. But that doesn’t mean the songs will sound like Gaga or B.E.P. And they are already playing club music at the show – Crazy Tonight remix – and I think that works great. Do we want a whole set of that? No. But a lil set of Mofos I would take, so we’ll see what happens.

    RE: Danger Mouse, I have no expectation of U2 making an album that sounds like Gorillaz. They *could* make a really good album with him, something really soulful, actually, but I almost would expect it is being co-produced by Edge. You’d have to think, just based on their recent schedule, that some of these “sessions” with him were being done remotely, U2 recording on their own and sending him audio to work on. Maybe not, but, either way, I think it will sound very much like U2, but hopefully with a different twist than the traditional EnoLanoisLillywhite massaging. Could be very interesting if they follow through on it.

    In the end, this article is just Bono spouting off, who knows what will really happen.

  6. Yeah, Bono’s been moaning about wanting to be on the radio for ages, but I still don’t think it’s going to mean they’ll throw their usual sensitibilities out the window and start doing duets with Justin Bieber or anything.

    As much as I hate the Black Eyed Peas, I didn’t find’s contributions (whatever they were – they obviously didn’t scream BEP) to be rather non-offensive, so I’m not too worried about his involvement, despite my frustration at U2′s insistence on trying to convince me that BEP are anything resembling good.

  7. Danger Mouse produced The Black Keys in 08 and that album still sounded like a Black Keys album, with a few little twists (and not enough of them, actually). I imagine U2 would follow a similar pattern, and I don’t see how a fresh perspective could hurt, esp. if that perspective is from a guy as solid as Mouse. And getting them out quickly would be good so the songs don’t become worked over to death.

  8. They can do what they want – U2 are already irrelevant if they talk like that. Music has become an industry and nothing more; all that counts now is selling songs to consumers like selling milk or beans or cars. Music as ART does not matter to the mainstream anymore. U2 should quit the mainstream and do something truly relevant, i.e. make music for grown up and thinking people, not for babies. And Bono should know that radio programmers don’t play songs because they “want” them on their program but because they are told what to play.

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