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no comment. i just bolded the most annoying parts of this instead.’s latest project is a dream-come-true for him – he’s signed up to produce U2′s next album.

He says: “You talk about one day looking back at milestones in your career – working with those guys will be light-year stones. I look at U2 and think, ‘Wow, I hope our group can stay together that long and still make brilliant music.’

“And just being around Bono and the guys is inspiring. It’s like how a government should be. Bono for president of the world, I say.

“I try and do good and my bit to help the world but Bono is on another level. My car’s pretty cool but he has a spaceship.”

U2 fans may be surprised that the man who wrote My Humps and Boom Boom Pow is working with the Irish rock titans, but isn’t.

He says: “There’s only one type of music and that’s good music, no matter what genre it is. Bono is one of those guys who sees it that way and there’s no right or wrong. There are no rules once you lift the veil off.

“I went to Bono’s house for lunch and George Clooney and Cindy Crawford were there. I played some of the songs we’d been working on together and everyone was blown away. They all left the finger food to come and hear.”

[via The Sun]

21 thoughts on “no comment

  1. It’s awful, isn’t it? Not quite as awful as the new BEP album, but still pretty awful.

    I’m not bothered by this news, though – I’m assuming he’s talking about the club album, which I think a lot of people assumed/knew he’d be producing anyway.

    Although after I heard that new BEP album, I decided I’d really prefer it if he just stayed far, far away from U2.

    • I was not under the impression that he was producing an entire U2 album until I read this. I thought/still hope the “club” album is collaborations with several different producers and not just this fucking clown.

      But at least Cindy Crawford likes it!!

      Oh, I mean “no comment”.

      • Well, to be fair, it’s just The Sun saying he’s producing a whole album. They’re not really the most reliable source, are they? Mr. I. Am. just mentioned “some songs we’d been working on,” which means pretty much nothing as far as an album is concerned.

      • I bet that BONO has Clooney’s number. We should ask William about that, and he’d tell us all about how he was at BONO’s house and he said “Hey BONO, what’s Clooney’s phone number” and BONO totally said “Dude, I have Clooney’s number” and the BEYONCE said “I have his number, too.”

        /name-dropping like it’s hot

  2. Maseratis will hereby be known as spaceships, esp when driven by short Northsiders with a penchant for leaving the blinkers on & nipping into the Spar for a pack of gum to hide the cigarette smell.


  3. Hmmm… is gonna be in that Scorsese flick?

    I don’t think anyone here is expecting to hate anything. For me, low expectations are sometimes useful when it comes to U2, and can result in pleasant surprises. I hope that is the case with this record. Whatever it may be. We will see … No comment no comment no comment.

    • Though it seems to me that Will gets his political beliefs from episodes of Sesame Street, I have to give him credit for creating great danceable music (despite the inane lyrics and lack of “serious” or “important” artistic values). So I understand why U2 have presumably chosen him to produce their “club-sounding album.”

      Wait, what the hell am I saying?

      Yes, this album will suck just because it will be produced by a hip-hop artist.

      Also, tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, and 11 will REALLY suck.

      • Call me boring if you like (I really don’t care) but I’m a rock chick. I like rock music. That’s why I love U2. I don’t like rap or hip hop.

        That’s just me.

        So disapproving and being disappointed with Bono’s increasingly frequent forays into this world is gonna happen with me.

        Sorry. :/

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