What’s Going On

What’s Going on yo …

Part 1 and Part 2 of an interview Bono and Edge did to promote their upcoming South American tour dates is below. In part 2, the interviewer tries to get them to offer up opinions on the “celebs playing concerts for Gaddafi (family)” drama. Squirming involved.

If nothing else, at least watch 2:14-2:25 below:

Below is a U2.com video from Johannesburg featuring a backstage meeting with the band and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

So yeah, what else is going on? Scatter O’ Light is pretty quiet I know. I’m here I swear! I am just not all that interested in trying to slice and dice the Spider-Man stuff. What else is there on the U2 front? A new album soon? HA…er, I mean hmmm. Can you imagine (even if an album was physically ready) how the release of a new U2 album would be “received” amidst the Spidey media drama overload? Spider-Man EP? Are Bono and Edge on it? Do we care? What else… North American tour? Gaah. I think I need a U2 kickstart before then somehow. So … If Bono sprouts a Tom Selleck mustache* overnight or something, please track me down IMMEDIATELY and let me know.

- later -

* what color do you think it would be?

3 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Jacknife Lee may be the wrong producer for U2 but he seems right for R.E.M.
    Collapse dropped the gauntlet – will the challenge be met? And I don’t mean a Spider-Man EP. Wish that would just go away and B&E would go back to working for U2 already.

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