Even Better Than The Real Thing

Furor Por U2.

U2 opened their show in Argentina on March 30 with Even Better Than The Real Thing. Wow. Unironic wow, even. (Setlist is here.)

Other stuff: A couple of recent videos from U2.com are up on YouTube: In Santiago With Edge / and Meet The Press (just watching Larry in that second video cracked me up. Need iso cam on LMJ lunches in future. Someone please petition U2.com for that.)

Another video: King Bono exiting a restaurant, (C5N = Bono De Pase Por San Telmo)

Also, this happened:

Photo via HOLA Argentina [+click for more]





3 thoughts on “Even Better Than The Real Thing

  1. That EBTTRT sounds awesome, but the Edge has clearly decided he was far too self-indulgent throughout the 90s in his use of the inverted mordent (that exciting trill note that he used to drop all over the song at the end of the mini-riff that has also disappeared). It is amazing how different the whole vibe of the song is in this version. Also, it’s like what, a FOURTH lower? Wow.

  2. there’s like, so much space in it now.
    you can feel the bass big time. there is NO WAY THEY WILL STOP PLAYING THIS BEFORE THEY GET TO NORTH AMERICA. (hope hope)

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