U2.com video of 40 from Moncton

Nice official video of 40.

Bono is reciting the Aaronic blessing (3:10-ish) – h/t.

More importantly: As he leaves the stage, we receive the Larry Mullen-ic blessing…

Related: There’s another excellent video from the show on U2.com – Stay, with a unique intro and outro.

Previously: The end of the 360 tour. The last song of the U2360 Tour. 40 in Moncton, July 30, 2011.

The last song I saw in person on the 360 Tour was not at Moncton, but was a week and half before that, in New Jersey. Out of Control. I’ll take it.

10 thoughts on “U2.com video of 40 from Moncton

  1. Aww, it’s so nice there at the end, where the other three are waiting for Larry. They’re all so adorable.

    I’m so glad I got to see this tour and I’m sad that it’s over and that there won’t be any more Claws. :(

  2. things that are awesome in this video that i did not notice from the fan-shot video you previously posted:

    1 – how serious adam looks while playing edge’s guitar
    2 – how hott edge looks while playing adam’s bass
    3 – how amazing bono looks without his glasses
    4 – how much larry’s chair seems like it should be on the set of office space

    things that are awesome that i noticed in both this video and the audience one:

    1 – edge’s reaction when larry gets on the mic

    thanks for these. my last song on this tour was “all i want is you” in nashville. but damn, girl, out of control? AWESOME.

    ps, i just wanted to saw awesome one more time. AWESOME. (that makes 5)

  3. Moncton was good, Pittsburgh and Minneapolis were better. it was great to hear 40 live again. What’s really funny is the dude in the Out of Control video with the I Will Follow shirt at 0:07, was staying at the same B&B in Moncton as me and my Wife. He’s from Germany….caught 60 shows this tour.

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