Film trailer – Anton Corbijn: Inside Out

This documentary premiered in Berlin last week. It may be coming to an indie theater near you someday. Maybe? There doesn’t appear to be much info about distribution for this film yet…


Berlinale 2012 Review: ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ Presents An Impressionist Portrait Of The Artist As A Solitary Man
Wisely not attempting to go the standard-issue bio doc route with a subject who is clearly anything but standard-issue, “Anton Corbijn Inside Out,” as the title suggests, instead takes a more impressionistic, intimate approach to the celebrated photographer and filmmaker, and in the process creates a thoughtful film that is as much an homage to the creative process as it is a tribute to a man…

Variety film review – Anton Corbijn Inside Out
B-roll-type material of Corbijn’s shoots and the obligatory soundbites from his famous subjects — early champion Bono from U2 seems especially perceptive — are part of the mix, but the pic’s most interesting elements are Corbijn’s own discussion of his work with both Quirijns, behind her camera, and with some of the subjects who were in front of his own…

Irish Film and Television Network: ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ Screening in Berlin
Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ was a co-production between LEV Pictures, Savage Film and Fastnet Films based in Dublin. It was directed by Klaartje Quirijns. The score was composed by Irish artist Gavin Friday with the soundtrack also featuring tracks from Arcade Fire, REM, Nirvana and Joy Division. Rob Flanagan (Kisses, Circus Fantasticus) at the Cottage handled the sound post production with the final mix taking place at Windmill Lane Pictures…

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