Interviews with The Edge

The Edge is a producer of an MTV special on youth homelessness that is airing tonight.

Edge discussed this in an interview with The Wrap [read]. The article also has a very brief U2/music-related mention.

The Edge said U2 is “slowly starting to think about work,” but the band is in no rush to get back to the studio, despite a wealth of material. Instead, it’s listening to a lot of music. After we talked about the special, he told us what he’s playing lately.

And can you say what you’re listening to now?
Edge: There’s a very interesting album called “The English Riviera” by Metronomy. It’s quite an interesting record. It’s kind of timeless but very quirky. But also very fresh. I’m enjoying that. Foster the People just for pure melody is great. And Bon Iver – I love the innovation of that sonically. It’s a very interesting record.

And here’s a video interview with The Edge on CNN.

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