That’s the back cover of the UK version of the Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own DVD single. I was going through some of my stuff and I saw it and it was Father’s Day, so I snapped a photo. That photo of the U2 dads makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Relatedly unrelated: The official video for the song Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, for me, was a quintessential *almost awesome moment. (See below). It does convey genuine emotion, but I wish hoodie Bono wandering the streets had his shades off. I wonder if they tried a version of him without the sunglasses. I doubt it. But the fact that they shot that one part in his little boy Bono bedroom in his old house on Cedarwood Road, though? So amazing. Also, the beginning where he starts singing along live. And the Bono smirk at 2:13, 2:14 or so, hmmmm yeah. (Wait, I think I’m almost convincing myself this video is* awesome after all. Aaaah.)

(The video on the UK DVD single is the live one below, though, not the above one.)

Finally, for the record, let’s just enjoy the acoustic cowboy trying to play guitar on the couch version (below):

Hey ho. xo

So bad it’s good? Or just… bad? (I’ll always love you, Red Hill Mining Town video)

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the release of that album called The Joshua Tree, I’m just gonna watch this video that the band let Neil Jordan make that one time. The one they buried for all those years before finally (for some reason!) releasing it 20 years later. You know, the one where they are all sweaty in that mine and Bono has on that tank top and he keeps creeping up behind Larry and singing desperately at his back, kinda like he wants them to be miner boyfriends. And Larry avoids eye contact by pretending to be all busy banging on some miner kinda stuff with his miner hammer. And Bono is prancing and pleading and wailing all around the mine because he might be a miner BUT HE’S STILL BONO. And Edge and Adam are like “what are we doing here? but hey, guys, here are some birds—catch!”

Anyway, yeah:

We know that supposedly Red Hill Mining Town was going to be The Joshua Tree album’s second single until they realized Bono couldn’t quite sing the song live. (Never been played!) But really they saw this video and were like: “Hmmm. Wait. What? Nooooo!”

Whatever, dudes! I’ll always love you Red Hill Mining Town video. Yeah you’re easy to laugh at and of course you’re cheesy. But if we pause you at just the right moments, you are actually kinda cute.

- xo -

Flashback Photos: U2 – The Early Benefit Phase

Scans from the book U2: The Early Days by Irish music journalist Bill Graham. As explained in the caption of second photo: “Liberty Hall – U2: the early benefit phase. This one was against Ireland’s notorious anti-contraception laws. The band were interrupted mid-set while the women from the Contraception Action Campaign made their speeches. The gesture provokes thought about U2′s early alleged puritan religious views.”

More scans from that book are HERE.


Friday Flashback: U2 on The Tube, 1987

U2 interviewed by Paula Yates on The Tube. She’s in a bed. U2′s on a video link. They discuss the upcoming Joshua Tree album and tour. Highlight: 4:25-ish when Bono reveals his Joshua Tree hairdo. (Unless you think a different moment is the highlight, in which case, you are wrong.)

U2 also performed Lost Highway for The Tube’s last ever broadcast. Pretty sure the highlight of this video is Larry’s subtle yet effective couch drumming, but your mileage may vary.

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