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U2 played night 1 of 3 in Mexico City last night. The setlist is here. The next shows in Mexico City are May 14th and 15th.

Last night they had three songs in the show with club, dance type remix action. (Although, are Magnificent and Even Better Than The Real Thing technically even remixes or just “different” versions of those songs?) Either way, each “remix” song offers a great opportunity for the dancing, which is a strength for the band’s singer.

If I could dance as AWESOMELY as Bono, I’d play all remixes, too. Particularly if said remixes allowed me to dance around underneath a trippy screen with images of Desmond Tutu’s talking head floating around. Screw the back catalog guys. More remixes!

U2 playing a new remixed version of Magnificent in Mexico City last night. (Why?)

The Even Better Than The Real Thing remix started the show.

The Crazy Tonight remix from Mexico City 1 includes an awesome Pop-tease from 4:20 on…

More videos from last night on YouTube here via terrorsittich and

Bono writes about Bob Dylan in Rolling Stone


Sir Bono Vox of Leatherington at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, on May 11, 2011. AFP PHOTO/Alfredo Estrella (via)

“One of my nose, please.”

“Bono, do you like your nose?”

That is an actual question actually asked of the actual Bono at the end of the interview embedded below. (And yeah, he does, so much so that he makes the peeps take a photo of his nose. So they can post its awesomeness on twitter YO.)

Photo via Adela Micha on Twitter: Bono orgulloso de su nariz !!!

And another.

The below interview (from a week ago) took place in Brazil and aired in Mexico on Foro TV. U2 will play in Mexico City on May 11, 14 and 15. The beginning of part 1 is in Spanish, but the interview part is in English.

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Furor Por U2.

U2 opened their show in Argentina on March 30 with Even Better Than The Real Thing. Wow. Unironic wow, even. (Setlist is here.)

Other stuff: A couple of recent videos from are up on YouTube: In Santiago With Edge / and Meet The Press (just watching Larry in that second video cracked me up. Need iso cam on LMJ lunches in future. Someone please petition for that.)

Another video: King Bono exiting a restaurant, (C5N = Bono De Pase Por San Telmo)

Also, this happened:

Photo via HOLA Argentina [+click for more]





If you ask…

If you ask Bono and Edge if Bono has any flaws, this is the look they give you:

Way to go with the hard-hitting questions Argentina! (Via atu2, see below for a video clip from a recent puffy little interview that aired on TV in Argentina—Telenoche de Canal 13 de Argentina—to promo the upcoming South American leg of the U2360 tour.)

Also in that interview (9:54), Bono claims that he rides the subway in NYC. (Really?) But only in the winter when his nose is hidden by a scarf. I hope he still wears his shades though. Good disguise, dude.

– later

ps: It’s possible I only posted this because the screen cap makes Bono look like he has a flower in his hair.

UPDATE: Part 2 of the interview above is now available online and can be viewed on YouTube here. (AMUSING.)