If you ask…

If you ask Bono and Edge if Bono has any flaws, this is the look they give you:

Way to go with the hard-hitting questions Argentina! (Via atu2, see below for a video clip from a recent puffy little interview that aired on TV in Argentina—Telenoche de Canal 13 de Argentina—to promo the upcoming South American leg of the U2360 tour.)

Also in that interview (9:54), Bono claims that he rides the subway in NYC. (Really?) But only in the winter when his nose is hidden by a scarf. I hope he still wears his shades though. Good disguise, dude.

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ps: It’s possible I only posted this because the screen cap makes Bono look like he has a flower in his hair.

UPDATE: Part 2 of the interview above is now available online and can be viewed on YouTube here. (AMUSING.)

They should totally consider using this photo as the cover shot for the U2 album that is definitely coming out in May

But, wow, those other three guys in U2 aren’t looking their best.

Related video:

Previously: U2 manager Paul McGuinness has reiterated that U2 is planning to have a new Danger Mouse produced album out in May, in time for the North American leg of the U2 360 tour…

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Who knows the way to Moncton?

Game of telephone:

U2 and Arcade Fire just announced a concert. Together. In Moncton.”
“Holy shit.”
“I know.”
“U2 and Arcade Fire are playing a concert in MONTAUK?!”
“No. In MONC-ton.”
“Where the hell is Moncton?”

No offense Moncton! I’ve heard you’re awesome, Moncton. Canada’s most courteous city! Good for you getting this concert. I bet it will be awesome. Though kinda snakey on U2′s part to sell Pittsburgh as the “last show” of the North American tour and then add on this extra date way after the fact. But I’m happy for people getting a show in a place that’s never had a U2 show before. That’s you Moncton!

Can I ride my bike to Moncton? From here? Hmmm… It would take a while.

I’ve been trying to figure out which exact U2 shows and how many overall U2 shows to go to this summer. This Moncton show is tempting. It has Arcade Fire. They are the awesome. And they do not yet have wrinkles. At all. Not yet. I read that this is true! But the show doesn’t fit into my summer plans too well. I think the wisest choice is to just go to the shows where the other people at the show are the ones you most want to hang out with. Or go to the show where Adam promises to take his shirt off. Or one where Bono takes his pants glasses off. Or the one where Elevation, Vertigo, City Of Blinding Lights, Beautiful Day and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For get dropped from the setlist in favor of side one of Zooropa. (Okay, that’s a post for another day.) Hmmm. These are first world problems. Indeed.

Kind of getting excited for the shows this spring/summer now…


Bono: “I just do what I’m told.”

Bono and his wife Ali Hewson talk about the collaboration between their clothing line, Edun, and Louis Vuitton at the Africa Rising Art Exhibition in Paris, which was also attended by Naomi Campbell. (Oct. 6) (Also: Brief clip of Bono on stage singing with Angelique Kidjo at the end of that video.)

I guess these are related: Lenny Kravitz tweeted these photos from Paris last night: Edge, Bono, Lenny K and Kanye / Bono and Lenny supermodel posing on staircase / and another shot of the four of them.