Let’s Dance

Bono and Edge join Nile Rodgers for a version of Bowie’s Let’s Dance. Love this:

This took place on November 23 at the after party for the (RED) charity auction for reaally rich people that Bono hosted at Sotheby’s. They raised 26.2 million dollars for the Global Fund by selling cool stuff to people who can’t get enough of having cool stuff. And Bono sang a few songs with Chris Martin and then Bono and Edge played a few songs with Nile Rodgers and his band. More info and videos here and here.

Related article: Vanity Fair – Inside Bono and Jony Ives’ Star-Studded Charity Design Auction

All in all, it was not your typical charity auction—a long way from those evenings where people auction off some Yankee tickets for the benefit of the local pre-school. Bono introduced the event by describing it as an exercise in “the fine art of separating people from their money,” and this was clearly an entertainment designed to amuse the rich sufficiently to lure them into spending money to help the poor. Nobody needs to spend $380,000 on a Range Rover to which Marc Newson and Jony Ive have given a bit of red trim, and it’s impossible to say whether it will be worth any more than that after it’s been driven like a normal car, which in every other way it is. But the winning bid was also another $380,000 to serve the victims of AIDS in Africa, and maybe no other justification is needed.

The sale brought a total of $13.1 million. After introducing Ive and Newson as two designers who “have wild, bloody fights over how many holes should be in the cheese grater but are really talking about how design can improve the quality of life,” Bono said that an organization with no ties to Apple, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, had offered to match everything the auction raised. “Now that’s real bipartisanship,” he said.

And .. here’s Chris Martin and Bono covering Perfect Day:


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U2 – This Is (Aslan Cover) audio and video

Video of U2 performing the Aslan song “This Is” as part of a benefit concert for Christy Dignam. The concert took place in Dublin on June 21, but U2’s “beamed in” performance took place in NYC at Electric Lady Studios.

I like this. (Hey, 3:50 – 3:57, I’m talking to you.)

You may also be able to find an mp3 of the audio from the above video here.

Here is video of Christy Dignam and Aslan performing this same song (in 1999):


U2.com: This Is

Irish Independent: Big-Screen Bono Supports Christy

RTE: U2 Sing This Is at Special Concert


MacPhisto (4 easter egg clips)

Friday Flashback: MacPhisto Mashup. Four different “hidden” clips of Mr. MacPhisto from the Achtung Baby reissue box set (super and uber editions).

Starts with 1. phone call to Alessandra Mussolini (Bologna); 2. band introductions (Madrid), highlighted by Larry giving Bono the finger; 3. the best of these clips is the phone call to KLM Airlines (Rotterdam); and 4. is a phone call to Helmet Kohl (Munich).

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Flashback: “Bono, Do You Shave Your Chest?”

This earth-shatteringly important video flashback is from 1998. The very important “chest shaving” question was posed to Bono, apparently, after the “U2 Massive Heeds” (as TFI Friday’s Chris Evans called them), had appeared on one TFI Friday episode where the massive headed Bono had chest hair and then appeared on another episode where the massive headed Bono did not have chest hair. Of course, a viewer wrote in to ask about this fake massive headed Bono chest hair drama. So, real Bono answered the question. (Or did he?)

What the heck are you talking about, what are the “U2 Massive Heads/Heeds”?

More interesting (some history from the creators of the Big U2 Heads): Macnas.com – Macnas & Zooropa

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Bono welcomes Aung San Suu Kyi to Dublin (RTE video)

RTE video: Bono is interviewed prior to Aung San Suu Kyi being honored in Dublin on June 18.

Irish Times – Suu Kyi honoured in Dublin during ‘unforgettable day’

Bono also performed during the Electric Burma concert in Dublin held in honor of Aung San Suu Kyi. With Damien Rice accompanying on an acoustic guitar, Bono sang “Walk On” and told the audience that Rice was filling in for The Edge. They then sang “One” and Bono dedicated it to The Edge, who lost his mom last week. The full lineup of performers from the concert then came on stage to sing “I Shall Be Released” and “Get Up Stand Up.” (via atu2)

And on U2.com: here’s the full text of Bono’s speech (and Aung San Suu Kyi’s remarks) as Bono presented her with Amnesty International’s ‘Ambassador of Conscience’ Award during the events in Dublin.

Here are clips of Bono and Damien Rice performing Walk On and One…

And…update to the update: Different/better videos of above tunes, via EskimoFriends.com:

Bono’s hair is experimenting with some new ideas.

Bono’s hair appeared on two separate pre-taped TV appearances during the past few days. Based on the video evidence, the hair appears to be experimenting with some new ideas.

Video recaps:

Bono introduces Dierks Bentley on Academy of Country Music Awards

Bono briefly appears in Damien Hirst-The First Look presented by Channel 4 (Bono’s hair appears at the 6:58 mark)

You might have questions about this new direction Bono’s hair is taking. Maybe you love it. Maybe you don’t. (Even though you should! It’s taking a chance people. It refuses to stagnate!) Or maybe you’re like, “this hair appears to be just like the last hair to me.” Um, No. But whatever, maybe you’re just not sure which way you’re leaning. May we suggest you lean to the right, like Bono’s hair is doing?

The cold truth is, since we don’t know when these appearances were actually taped, we can’t even be sure THIS HAIR EVEN EXISTS ANYMORE. Though it does cause one to wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that this is one of three separate hairstyles Bono is working on at the same time.

Where will the hair go from here? We wait. with. anticipation.


Interviews with The Edge

The Edge is a producer of an MTV special on youth homelessness that is airing tonight.

Edge discussed this in an interview with The Wrap [read]. The article also has a very brief U2/music-related mention.

The Edge said U2 is “slowly starting to think about work,” but the band is in no rush to get back to the studio, despite a wealth of material. Instead, it’s listening to a lot of music. After we talked about the special, he told us what he’s playing lately.

And can you say what you’re listening to now?
Edge: There’s a very interesting album called “The English Riviera” by Metronomy. It’s quite an interesting record. It’s kind of timeless but very quirky. But also very fresh. I’m enjoying that. Foster the People just for pure melody is great. And Bon Iver – I love the innovation of that sonically. It’s a very interesting record.

And here’s a video interview with The Edge on CNN.

Film trailer – Anton Corbijn: Inside Out

This documentary premiered in Berlin last week. It may be coming to an indie theater near you someday. Maybe? There doesn’t appear to be much info about distribution for this film yet…


Berlinale 2012 Review: ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ Presents An Impressionist Portrait Of The Artist As A Solitary Man
Wisely not attempting to go the standard-issue bio doc route with a subject who is clearly anything but standard-issue, “Anton Corbijn Inside Out,” as the title suggests, instead takes a more impressionistic, intimate approach to the celebrated photographer and filmmaker, and in the process creates a thoughtful film that is as much an homage to the creative process as it is a tribute to a man…

Variety film review – Anton Corbijn Inside Out
B-roll-type material of Corbijn’s shoots and the obligatory soundbites from his famous subjects — early champion Bono from U2 seems especially perceptive — are part of the mix, but the pic’s most interesting elements are Corbijn’s own discussion of his work with both Quirijns, behind her camera, and with some of the subjects who were in front of his own…

Irish Film and Television Network: ‘Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ Screening in Berlin
Anton Corbijn Inside Out’ was a co-production between LEV Pictures, Savage Film and Fastnet Films based in Dublin. It was directed by Klaartje Quirijns. The score was composed by Irish artist Gavin Friday with the soundtrack also featuring tracks from Arcade Fire, REM, Nirvana and Joy Division. Rob Flanagan (Kisses, Circus Fantasticus) at the Cottage handled the sound post production with the final mix taking place at Windmill Lane Pictures…

Scattered Links: Bono on Daily Show; The Ellen Degeneres Show; GMA etc. [video]

Today is World Aids day and Bono has made several appearances related to this subject. Here are a few links:

You can view video of Bono’s chat with Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show here or here.

Here’s a clip of Bono on The Ellen Degeneres Show today. Love Ellen. Wish that was longer.

And here’s a video from Good Morning America this morning: Bono, Alicia Keys Discuss Fight Against Aids

Here are some photos of Bono and Alicia Keys at Keep A Child Alive documentary screening, Nov. 29.

And … Bono’s latest NY Times column: A Decade of Progress on AIDS.