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Here’s video of Edge talking (at the Q Awards on Monday)

Here’s Bono and Edge talking to Rolling Stone [article].

“I’m not so sure the future hasn’t dried up,” says Bono, who’s been irritating his bandmates lately by publicly questioning U2′s relevance – despite the fact that they just finished the highest-grossing tour of all time. “The band are like, ‘Will you shut up about being irrelevant?’” he says. But Bono can’t help himself – even though U2 have been in and out of the studio with various producers recently, he raises the possibility that the band may have released its final album. “We’d be very pleased to end on No Line on the Horizon,” he says, before acknowledging the unlikelihood of that scenario: “I doubt that.”

Bono concedes that revisiting the album where U2 punched themselves out of a tight corner – after 1988′s Rattle and Hum movie and album helped convince some music fans they were hopelessly solemn and pompous – suggested a way forward. “Ironically, being forced to look back at this period reminds me of how we might re-emerge for the next phase,” says Bono. “And that doesn’t mean that you have to wear some mad welder’s goggles or dress up in women’s clothing. Reinvention is much deeper than that.”


“It’s quite likely you might hear from us next year, but it’s equally possible that you won’t,” says the Edge. Adds Bono, “We have so many [new] songs, some of our best. But I’m putting some time aside to just go and get lost in the music. I want to take my young boys and my wife and just disappear with my iPod Nano and some books and an acoustic guitar.”


Listen: Garbage Covers Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

I’m a fan of Shirley Manson’s voice but musically the band Garbage has never done much for me. That’s about how this cover plays out. (For me!)

This song is from the Ahk-toong Bay-bi-covered CD in Q magazine (out soooon).

Listen to Jack White cover Love Is Blindness
Previously: Listen to Damien Rice cover One

You can hear some other brief clips from that covers CD (The Killers doing Ultraviolet; Patti Smith doing Until The End of the World; Snow Patrol doing Mysterious Ways) on this audio clip with Q editor Paul Rees.

Unrelatedly related:

Edge tells Rolling Stone he has no clue what the fuck U2 is doing next year. Or something to that effect.


Happy birthday The Edge! For your birthday I (almost) …

Today The Edge is 50. Hello The Edge! Happy Birthday to you. I love you dearly sir. So much so, in fact, that for your birthday I (almost) pre-ordered you the uber deluxe edition of the Achtung Baby reissue that comes out this fall!

Now I know what you’re thinking The Edge, “Gee thanks for almost buying that for me, that’s awful nice, but really, no need. I have most of the content on these 6 CDs and 4 DVDs already! Plus, now that I’m a grown up of 50 (!), I don’t really need the rest of the toys, er I mean, collectibles, in the box (don’t need the fancy box or packaging either). Just because you have a few hundred (or million, whatever) dollars lying around doesn’t mean you have to spend it.”

And I get it The Edge. Really I do. Because, guess what? I feel exactly the same way! Does this mean we’re not uber? Oh boy.

I am certain, The Edge, that you ARE interested in how the previously unreleased tunes included in this reissue sound. I’m interested in that too! So in that case, Disc 5 of the CDs would be very nice to have. But you hope 2011 U2 doesn’t ruin those unreleased “gems” by reworking them too much? What? No, you would never say that. I hope they sound okay. And I’m not going to worry too much about how much you’re reworking them. I mean, I won’t worry if you won’t. (Wait, which one of us is talking right now? Me or you?).

Anyway, also, The Edge, I really do want to hear the songs on that CD # 6. “Baby” Achtung Baby. Early demos of all the tracks? Yes please. And, um, you know the DVDs that come in the uber (and super) deluxe versions? I kind of do want the one with the From The Sky Down documentary on it. I hope that documentary is not just good but great. Because let’s be real, Achtung Baby is an amazing beyond belief album based on its sound alone. But then there are levels that go beyond just musical sounds, beyond all of the different narratives in the lyrics and beyond the ‘wait, what happened to my 80s U2?’ image and really just go to a mindfuck of a level that sets a bar so high it’s really almost not fair to the current you. No offense. So anyway, don’t let that documentary fall short, okay? Okay? Thanks! And if there’s anything else on the DVDs that’s, you know, not on something else we already have, that would be something I also would want.

Oh wait, so does this mean I’m buying this thing now? ($659.61 list price for the uber version on Gimme a break. What the fark. Etc. Maybe I’ll get the super deluxe version (currently listed for $167 on or the super deluxe torrent when it gets cheaper.

Anyway, just FYI, you are a total rock star, The Edge. Age 50. And a lot of your fans are just as interested in what is next for U2 as they are in what has passed. Seriously. No pressure. Happy birthday. I hope Bono doesn’t eat all of your cake.


PS – Zoo TV Sydney? Again?! REALLY? Gee whiz.

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atu2 forum discussion re: Achtung Baby deluxe box
interference forum thread: is here video of 40 from Moncton

Nice official video of 40.

Bono is reciting the Aaronic blessing (3:10-ish) – h/t.

More importantly: As he leaves the stage, we receive the Larry Mullen-ic blessing…

Related: There’s another excellent video from the show on – Stay, with a unique intro and outro.

Previously: The end of the 360 tour. The last song of the U2360 Tour. 40 in Moncton, July 30, 2011.

The last song I saw in person on the 360 Tour was not at Moncton, but was a week and half before that, in New Jersey. Out of Control. I’ll take it.

“Paul just said he thought it was an emergency.”

Bono and Edge took a break from pretending to like their Spider-Man musical to play a U2 show in Anaheim last night. (Setlist is here.) Bono explains (above) where all of the U2 band members would be without Paul McGuinness. Larry a Dublin highway patrolman. Adam a posh handbag designer. Edge a city planner. Der. And Bono a theater critic.

Relatedly unrelated things:
This atu2 interview with Steve Lillywhite regarding Spider-Man soundtrack includes a tidbit about potential/future/actual new U2 music

Lillywhite: I’ve heard the RedOne tracks and I’ve heard the Danger Mouse tracks.

@U2: And?

Lillywhite: They aren’t finished songs yet. And it does take them some time. Like, I spent so long on “Every Breaking Wave” for the last album and then I was with Bono in the car and he played me yet another version of it! It will be a great song, but there’s not really a chorus. I suggested to them to go out and play songs live, but I think they’ve ended up dropping that! (Laughs.)

@U2: That stretch in Europe when they were playing new songs, that was your idea?

Lillywhite: Yeah, because they had never done that and because live, they eventually get them good. But the trouble with the 360 tour is that it’s too difficult to just get up and jam a song. It’s such a big production job.

But the new songs are all coming along.

@U2: Do you hear the makings of another great U2 album?

Lillywhite: Oh, I think there will be. But, you know, it could also go the way of Pop, because it could be style over substance — they’ll be excited by the sound of it rather than be excited by the content. Especially with the RedOne stuff, because it sounds really, really professional.
[read the rest on atu2]

Rolling Stone review of Spider-Man soundtrack
, I think RS (of late) automatically adds a star to any U2-related review, but I enjoyed reading Rob Sheffield’s thoughts in general…

…that’s the thing about U2: “Why are they doing this?” is their favorite question. They love to try crazy moves nobody would expect, just to see if they can get away with it. Sometimes that means trying to boogie with a single called “Discotheque.” Sometimes it means letting the Edge rap. Sometimes it means emerging onstage from a 40-foot rotating lemon. That’s always been a key element to U2′s greatness: These lads have no fear of looking absurd on an epic scale.

Everything about the stage production of Spider-Man has been tinged with mythic disaster, from the $65 million budget to the way it poses the biggest health threat to arachnids since Raid. But if you’re hoping for train wrecks on the soundtrack, you’ll be disappointed, because Bono and the Edge know their songwriting, even as they tone it down for the ill-fitting medium of the Broadway show tune. For the most part, the songs come off as slightly vague sketches for U2 songs. The theater-trained singers sound stiff when they try Bono-worthy emoting. Reeve Carney, in the role of Peter Parker, has some passable growls in “Boy Falls From the Sky,” but he keeps reminding you of who he isn’t…

And: Bono and Edge extended version 16 minute interview with Brian Williams. In which Edge did most of the talking, even. Hmmm.


Bono probably won’t come to your barbeque

Bono flirts with a baby and gets invited to a barbeque. All in a day’s work.

U2 played Winnipeg on May 29. Setlist is here. Some videos are here.

U2 also apparently did some filming for an Achtung Baby documentary. I’m not getting excited until we see what it actually turns into.

And yeah this happened. Whatever.

U2 play Edmonton June 1 and then Seattle on June 4. See you then yo…


I wonder what songs will staaaaaaaay in the setlist for a few more weeeeeeeks…

We’ll seeeeeeeeeee.

Mexico City last night. Sounds like it was pretty niiiice.

Out of Control in Mexico City, May 14, 2011

Stay in Mexico City, May 14, 2011

Desire in Mexico City, May 14, 2011

More videos from night 2 in Mexico City are here. (Videos by terrorsittich via U2gigs.) Setlist is here.

I guess the president of Mexico liked the show.

Also: photo of Bono meeting with president Calderon on May 12.

And: would you eat that?

Unrelated: Q&A with actor/producer Larry Mullen Junior in the Hollywood Reporter