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U2 played night 1 of 3 in Mexico City last night. The setlist is here. The next shows in Mexico City are May 14th and 15th.

Last night they had three songs in the show with club, dance type remix action. (Although, are Magnificent and Even Better Than The Real Thing technically even remixes or just “different” versions of those songs?) Either way, each “remix” song offers a great opportunity for the dancing, which is a strength for the band’s singer.

If I could dance as AWESOMELY as Bono, I’d play all remixes, too. Particularly if said remixes allowed me to dance around underneath a trippy screen with images of Desmond Tutu’s talking head floating around. Screw the back catalog guys. More remixes!

U2 playing a new remixed version of Magnificent in Mexico City last night. (Why?)

The Even Better Than The Real Thing remix started the show.

The Crazy Tonight remix from Mexico City 1 includes an awesome Pop-tease from 4:20 on…

More videos from last night on YouTube here via terrorsittich and

Bono writes about Bob Dylan in Rolling Stone


Sir Bono Vox of Leatherington at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, on May 11, 2011. AFP PHOTO/Alfredo Estrella (via)

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Furor Por U2.

U2 opened their show in Argentina on March 30 with Even Better Than The Real Thing. Wow. Unironic wow, even. (Setlist is here.)

Other stuff: A couple of recent videos from are up on YouTube: In Santiago With Edge / and Meet The Press (just watching Larry in that second video cracked me up. Need iso cam on LMJ lunches in future. Someone please petition for that.)

Another video: King Bono exiting a restaurant, (C5N = Bono De Pase Por San Telmo)

Also, this happened:

Photo via HOLA Argentina [+click for more]





What’s Going On

What’s Going on yo …

Part 1 and Part 2 of an interview Bono and Edge did to promote their upcoming South American tour dates is below. In part 2, the interviewer tries to get them to offer up opinions on the “celebs playing concerts for Gaddafi (family)” drama. Squirming involved.

If nothing else, at least watch 2:14-2:25 below:

Below is a video from Johannesburg featuring a backstage meeting with the band and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

So yeah, what else is going on? Scatter O’ Light is pretty quiet I know. I’m here I swear! I am just not all that interested in trying to slice and dice the Spider-Man stuff. What else is there on the U2 front? A new album soon? HA…er, I mean hmmm. Can you imagine (even if an album was physically ready) how the release of a new U2 album would be “received” amidst the Spidey media drama overload? Spider-Man EP? Are Bono and Edge on it? Do we care? What else… North American tour? Gaah. I think I need a U2 kickstart before then somehow. So … If Bono sprouts a Tom Selleck mustache* overnight or something, please track me down IMMEDIATELY and let me know.

- later -

* what color do you think it would be?

This Is Cool. [U2 Cape Town]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For + Stand By Me featuring Yvonne Chaka Chaka. U2 – Cape Town, South Africa 2011-02-18. That Stand By Me is very cool. Also, Bono’s amazing animal introductions are included in this video. It’s a win win win win people.

The audio of this show streamed live online. Wasn’t that nice? Yes.
Listen to an mp3 of the show here.

Another video: U2 – Miss Sarajevo – Cape Town, South Africa 2011-02-18

And, this is a nice shot of this guy/those guys.

- xo -

Who knows the way to Moncton?

Game of telephone:

U2 and Arcade Fire just announced a concert. Together. In Moncton.”
“Holy shit.”
“I know.”
“U2 and Arcade Fire are playing a concert in MONTAUK?!”
“No. In MONC-ton.”
“Where the hell is Moncton?”

No offense Moncton! I’ve heard you’re awesome, Moncton. Canada’s most courteous city! Good for you getting this concert. I bet it will be awesome. Though kinda snakey on U2′s part to sell Pittsburgh as the “last show” of the North American tour and then add on this extra date way after the fact. But I’m happy for people getting a show in a place that’s never had a U2 show before. That’s you Moncton!

Can I ride my bike to Moncton? From here? Hmmm… It would take a while.

I’ve been trying to figure out which exact U2 shows and how many overall U2 shows to go to this summer. This Moncton show is tempting. It has Arcade Fire. They are the awesome. And they do not yet have wrinkles. At all. Not yet. I read that this is true! But the show doesn’t fit into my summer plans too well. I think the wisest choice is to just go to the shows where the other people at the show are the ones you most want to hang out with. Or go to the show where Adam promises to take his shirt off. Or one where Bono takes his pants glasses off. Or the one where Elevation, Vertigo, City Of Blinding Lights, Beautiful Day and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For get dropped from the setlist in favor of side one of Zooropa. (Okay, that’s a post for another day.) Hmmm. These are first world problems. Indeed.

Kind of getting excited for the shows this spring/summer now…


no comment

no comment. i just bolded the most annoying parts of this instead.’s latest project is a dream-come-true for him – he’s signed up to produce U2′s next album.

He says: “You talk about one day looking back at milestones in your career – working with those guys will be light-year stones. I look at U2 and think, ‘Wow, I hope our group can stay together that long and still make brilliant music.’

“And just being around Bono and the guys is inspiring. It’s like how a government should be. Bono for president of the world, I say.

“I try and do good and my bit to help the world but Bono is on another level. My car’s pretty cool but he has a spaceship.”

U2 fans may be surprised that the man who wrote My Humps and Boom Boom Pow is working with the Irish rock titans, but isn’t.

He says: “There’s only one type of music and that’s good music, no matter what genre it is. Bono is one of those guys who sees it that way and there’s no right or wrong. There are no rules once you lift the veil off.

“I went to Bono’s house for lunch and George Clooney and Cindy Crawford were there. I played some of the songs we’d been working on together and everyone was blown away. They all left the finger food to come and hear.”

[via The Sun]

Lennon & Me by Bono (Q Magazine Scan)

If you can read this guy’s handwriting, you win a prize:

This appears in the November issue of Q magazine, which is a tribute issue to John Lennon “At 70″ [more].

The scan was posted in the Interference forum (thank you!), and fans there also have taken a crack at transcribing the Bono handwriting as such:

1) When did you first become aware of John Lennon?
Age 4 I want to hold your hand…and I knew it wasn’t my mothers. Age 11/12 him whispering in my ear words of dissent and ascent…”everything is clearer in my world”. From the tiny box room window in Cedarwood road the world did seem more understandable listening to Lennon…less concrete, more abstract, open to change – to be kicked or kissed into shape…

2) What is his greatest song?
Help/Across the universe. I’ve recorded both – across the universe is much harder than I thought…requires almost ‘circular breathing’ ala the didjeridu

3) Without John Lennon I wouldn’t have…
Dared to dream so loudly, to risk such foolishness and never to fear ridicule….

4) When was Lennon at his best?
When he was in an argument…Macca…the band, the missus Yoko…the maharishi…the left, Phil Spector, God, himself.

5) And finally, sum up John Lennon in a sentence.
Ridiculous question, Q should know better….

There is a scan of Paul McCartney’s answers to the above questions here.