Lennon & Me by Bono (Q Magazine Scan)

If you can read this guy’s handwriting, you win a prize:

This appears in the November issue of Q magazine, which is a tribute issue to John Lennon “At 70″ [more].

The scan was posted in the Interference forum (thank you!), and fans there also have taken a crack at transcribing the Bono handwriting as such:

1) When did you first become aware of John Lennon?
Age 4 I want to hold your hand…and I knew it wasn’t my mothers. Age 11/12 him whispering in my ear words of dissent and ascent…”everything is clearer in my world”. From the tiny box room window in Cedarwood road the world did seem more understandable listening to Lennon…less concrete, more abstract, open to change – to be kicked or kissed into shape…

2) What is his greatest song?
Help/Across the universe. I’ve recorded both – across the universe is much harder than I thought…requires almost ‘circular breathing’ ala the didjeridu

3) Without John Lennon I wouldn’t have…
Dared to dream so loudly, to risk such foolishness and never to fear ridicule….

4) When was Lennon at his best?
When he was in an argument…Macca…the band, the missus Yoko…the maharishi…the left, Phil Spector, God, himself.

5) And finally, sum up John Lennon in a sentence.
Ridiculous question, Q should know better….

There is a scan of Paul McCartney’s answers to the above questions here.