Spanish Thighs

… I mean Eyes.

U2 celebran su 34 cumpleaños con un espectacular concierto en el estadio de Anoeta, San Sebastián. [photo via +click for more]

U2 San Sebastian 2010-09-26 Spanish Eyes via . (Drink every time Bono gets a lyric right. You won’t get too drunk.)

Previously: In addition to playing the rarely heard Spanish Eyes in San Sebastian this past weekend, U2 dusted off Bad (video) and Angel of Harlem (video) for the first time in a while during their second of two shows in Brussels last week. (It would appear that going to the second show of a two-night stand in a city is a good idea—obvious statement of the year, I know! See also: Helsinki Night 2. For North America in 2011, the only two cities getting two shows, so far, are Anaheim and Montreal. And everyone knows Montreal is better than Anaheim. Right? Right.)

Anyway … xo

13 thoughts on “Spanish Thighs

  1. Just watch a Montreal Canadiens game for a taste of Mtl crowds. You can tell I’d love to see a U2 concert (and Habs game) in Mtl some day.

  2. Cara! We are going to be in Montreal!! We’ll have to meet for sure!! Two shows back to back. Woohoo! Then it’s Toronto and Philly for me. The madness continues! Can’t wait.

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