I hope this song is on the U2 Danger Mouse Album [Every Breaking Wave]

Every Breaking Wave – U2 Helsinki 2010-08-21

That might not even be near to what it would sound like as a finished song. (Though, considering that this song came from the No Line On the Horizon sessions, there are probably multiple unfinished finished versions of it on *somebody’s* laptop). This song has some real moments. “Moments that are real.” Darkish. Love the harmonies. Of course, like anything, depending on your taste, they could take this song somewhere epic, amazing, dull, bloated, who knows how they would finish it off in the studio. But I BET Danger Mouse and U2 could help steer it somewhere just slightly outersoulspacey and darkly beautiful. (No pressure!) Hope …

Related (via atu2.com):

U2 manager Paul McGuinness has reiterated that U2 is planning to have a new album out in May, in time for the North American leg of the U2 360 tour. Speaking during the Midem music conference in Cannes, McGuinness says the new album is “largely completed” and the band is working in its southern France studio [Scatter O’ Light edit: insert head scratch here] to put the “finishing touch” on the record. McGuinness says this album will be the one that Brian Burton, AKA Danger Mouse, is producing. But he says.. [more]

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Expect that these songs will be airborne and lightfooted. Maybe.
“People don’t want to see you do something interesting. They want something passionate or wild.”

– later –

3 thoughts on “I hope this song is on the U2 Danger Mouse Album [Every Breaking Wave]

  1. I hope it’s on the next album, too. This is probably my favorite of the new songs played live recently. It’s got that great guitar part from “The Fly” on the Boston DVD, or is at least extremely similar. And I’m so glad McGuinness said something about the album and that it’s the Danger Mouse project that’ll be released next! 😀

  2. Have you heard the version that a fan put together to make it sound like the full band is playing?

    It’s not bad actually:

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