If you ask…

If you ask Bono and Edge if Bono has any flaws, this is the look they give you:

Way to go with the hard-hitting questions Argentina! (Via atu2, see below for a video clip from a recent puffy little interview that aired on TV in Argentina—Telenoche de Canal 13 de Argentina—to promo the upcoming South American leg of the U2360 tour.)

Also in that interview (9:54), Bono claims that he rides the subway in NYC. (Really?) But only in the winter when his nose is hidden by a scarf. I hope he still wears his shades though. Good disguise, dude.

– later

ps: It’s possible I only posted this because the screen cap makes Bono look like he has a flower in his hair.

UPDATE: Part 2 of the interview above is now available online and can be viewed on YouTube here. (AMUSING.)

4 thoughts on “If you ask…

  1. Aww, I love puffy U2 interviews! Forget all that political crap; people need to ask them more fluffy questions and give them a chance to be their funny and adorable selves more often.

    “That’s Bono’s nose!” LOL.

  2. that “journo” should’ve asked Magoo about Scandal v Perfection.

    And… u2 audiences are “18”? no more nero d’avola for YOU, boyo.

  3. That’s not a flower. It’s Bono’s “ideas starburst”, which sometimes appears if there is too much activity going on up there in Bono’s attic.

    It happened once before during Zoo when it manifested itself into a giant sunflower that he had to carry with him.

    I have pictures to prove it!!

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