6 thoughts on “Scans of U2 article and photos in British GQ

  1. Bono does not look sexy at all, throwing a chair around and smoking a cigar, with his bow tie all undone and his neck exposed like that.

    No he doesn’t.

    Not at all.

    …. I’m just going for a lie down…

  2. You know, if Bono wanted to make a disheveled tuxedo his stage costume for the next tour, that would not suck at all.

    I mean holy shit.

  3. They’re our Rat Pack bad boys.

    Now there’s the name for a tour, (either that or Cara’s idea!) and Alicia can be chief of wardrobe!:)

    Gosh, our talents are wasted. We really should be on the U2 payroll. Our ideas are solid gold!!

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