Bono’s hair is experimenting with some new ideas.

Bono’s hair appeared on two separate pre-taped TV appearances during the past few days. Based on the video evidence, the hair appears to be experimenting with some new ideas.

Video recaps:

Bono introduces Dierks Bentley on Academy of Country Music Awards

Bono briefly appears in Damien Hirst-The First Look presented by Channel 4 (Bono’s hair appears at the 6:58 mark)

You might have questions about this new direction Bono’s hair is taking. Maybe you love it. Maybe you don’t. (Even though you should! It’s taking a chance people. It refuses to stagnate!) Or maybe you’re like, “this hair appears to be just like the last hair to me.” Um, No. But whatever, maybe you’re just not sure which way you’re leaning. May we suggest you lean to the right, like Bono’s hair is doing?

The cold truth is, since we don’t know when these appearances were actually taped, we can’t even be sure THIS HAIR EVEN EXISTS ANYMORE. Though it does cause one to wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that this is one of three separate hairstyles Bono is working on at the same time.

Where will the hair go from here? We wait. with. anticipation.


5 thoughts on “Bono’s hair is experimenting with some new ideas.

  1. Forget new album rumors, wondering what Bono’s hair will do next has been keeping me up at night. We can only wait and see! Eek! (Seriously, this post made me LOL! Thanks!)

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