That’s the back cover of the UK version of the Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own DVD single. I was going through some of my stuff and I saw it and it was Father’s Day, so I snapped a photo. That photo of the U2 dads makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Relatedly unrelated: The official video for the song Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, for me, was a quintessential *almost awesome moment. (See below). It does convey genuine emotion, but I wish hoodie Bono wandering the streets had his shades off. I wonder if they tried a version of him without the sunglasses. I doubt it. But the fact that they shot that one part in his little boy Bono bedroom in his old house on Cedarwood Road, though? So amazing. Also, the beginning where he starts singing along live. And the Bono smirk at 2:13, 2:14 or so, hmmmm yeah. (Wait, I think I’m almost convincing myself this video is* awesome after all. Aaaah.)

(The video on the UK DVD single is the live one below, though, not the above one.)

Finally, for the record, let’s just enjoy the acoustic cowboy trying to play guitar on the couch version (below):

Hey ho. xo

One thought on “dads

  1. What a GREAT post! A great FATHER tribute.
    I forgot how great the official video of SYCMIOYO was!
    The ‘dads’ photo is a classic and the couch version is
    my favorite…total soul!

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