Let’s Dance

Bono and Edge join Nile Rodgers for a version of Bowie’s Let’s Dance. Love this:

This took place on November 23 at the after party for the (RED) charity auction for reaally rich people that Bono hosted at Sotheby’s. They raised 26.2 million dollars for the Global Fund by selling cool stuff to people who can’t get enough of having cool stuff. And Bono sang a few songs with Chris Martin and then Bono and Edge played a few songs with Nile Rodgers and his band. More info and videos here and here.

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All in all, it was not your typical charity auction—a long way from those evenings where people auction off some Yankee tickets for the benefit of the local pre-school. Bono introduced the event by describing it as an exercise in “the fine art of separating people from their money,” and this was clearly an entertainment designed to amuse the rich sufficiently to lure them into spending money to help the poor. Nobody needs to spend $380,000 on a Range Rover to which Marc Newson and Jony Ive have given a bit of red trim, and it’s impossible to say whether it will be worth any more than that after it’s been driven like a normal car, which in every other way it is. But the winning bid was also another $380,000 to serve the victims of AIDS in Africa, and maybe no other justification is needed.

The sale brought a total of $13.1 million. After introducing Ive and Newson as two designers who “have wild, bloody fights over how many holes should be in the cheese grater but are really talking about how design can improve the quality of life,” Bono said that an organization with no ties to Apple, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, had offered to match everything the auction raised. “Now that’s real bipartisanship,” he said.

And .. here’s Chris Martin and Bono covering Perfect Day:


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