Friday Flashback: U2 Interviewed in the Year 2000 (“I am in U2! I invented this!”)

An interview on German TV from 2000. Interesting conversation. Primarily about the making of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Featuring “wonderful Bone-o and wonderful Larry Mullen Jr.” in parts 1 and 2 and Edge and Adam in parts 3 and 4.

I like the conversation in the clip below about the interviewer Charlotte Roche’s favorite song on that album, Stuck in a Moment.

part 1

In the beginning of the second video clip (below) from the interview, Bone-o requests the start of a movement to change the pronunciation of his name in Germany from Bone-o to Bono. It is suggested he change the spelling to Bonno. Bonno gives a good explanation of what Pop was all about. And Larry mentions this newbie band he is into called COLDPLAY. I also like Larry’s Edge story in response to the last question (10:30 in or so).

part 2

Here are Adam and Edge (below). Note that it is mentioned that the band had something like 100 songs in the works for this album, too. Edge: “I have to say we didn’t finish a hundred songs. We had a hundred ideas. Some of them were literally like three bars of something we were interested in.”

I’d try to give more highlights but I’m too distracted by the guitar player’s shirt.

part 3

part 4

MacPhisto (4 easter egg clips)

Friday Flashback: MacPhisto Mashup. Four different “hidden” clips of Mr. MacPhisto from the Achtung Baby reissue box set (super and uber editions).

Starts with 1. phone call to Alessandra Mussolini (Bologna); 2. band introductions (Madrid), highlighted by Larry giving Bono the finger; 3. the best of these clips is the phone call to KLM Airlines (Rotterdam); and 4. is a phone call to Helmet Kohl (Munich).

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acoustic In God’s Country – Elevation Tour

Elevation Tour Flashback:

U2 last played* In God’s Country back in 2001 on the Elevation tour. So many other memorable things were going on during that tour, it’s easy to forget that they even played this. They played it at three different shows at the end of the Elevation tour – Phoenix, Miami and Dallas – as per U2gigs database. (Miami and Dallas videos below.)

In God’s Country. Dallas, November 25, 2001. (above)

In God’s Country. Elevation Tour, Miami, December 2, 2001. (below)

You might be a U2 fan if all you’re doing right now is complaining to yourself that they played it acoustic.

* (Not counting snippets).