acoustic In God’s Country – Elevation Tour

Elevation Tour Flashback:

U2 last played* In God’s Country back in 2001 on the Elevation tour. So many other memorable things were going on during that tour, it’s easy to forget that they even played this. They played it at three different shows at the end of the Elevation tour – Phoenix, Miami and Dallas – as per U2gigs database. (Miami and Dallas videos below.)

In God’s Country. Dallas, November 25, 2001. (above)

In God’s Country. Elevation Tour, Miami, December 2, 2001. (below)

You might be a U2 fan if all you’re doing right now is complaining to yourself that they played it acoustic.

* (Not counting snippets).

Flashback: “Bono, Do You Shave Your Chest?”

This earth-shatteringly important video flashback is from 1998. The very important “chest shaving” question was posed to Bono, apparently, after the “U2 Massive Heeds” (as TFI Friday’s Chris Evans called them), had appeared on one TFI Friday episode where the massive headed Bono had chest hair and then appeared on another episode where the massive headed Bono did not have chest hair. Of course, a viewer wrote in to ask about this fake massive headed Bono chest hair drama. So, real Bono answered the question. (Or did he?)

What the heck are you talking about, what are the “U2 Massive Heads/Heeds”?

More interesting (some history from the creators of the Big U2 Heads): – Macnas & Zooropa

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